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Martial Arts Spotlight: The Karate School in Lake Worth Texas

The Karate School in Lake Worth is a family friendly martial arts school started by Mr. Carl Whitaker. Whitaker has been training in the martial arts for over 39 years and has attained the Black belt Rank of 6th Dan (Degree) in the Jhoon – Rhee style of American Taekwondo. He is from an impressive local lineage going back to Pat Burleson. Although the school has a majority of young students there are also adult classes taught at the Karate School as well. Master Whitaker also let it out in a recent interview with The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner and Knife and Hand to Hand, that he also teaches private lessons.

The back entrance by Home Depot on Azle Ave. Competition Martial Arts, Self Defense and more...
The back entrance by Home Depot on Azle Ave. Competition Martial Arts, Self Defense and more...
Andy Curtiss, The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner
The Karate School
The Karate School, Carl Whitaker

Clean Look and Lots of Space

As a fellow martial arts practitioner and former martial arts gym owner, one can attest, that Mr. Whitaker runs a clean ship. From the floor lay out to the color scheme the Karate School is one sharp place. Its clean, simple and has everything one needs to develop kicks, punches and other important Self Defense techniques. There is plenty of floor space and even spectator seating. One evening this writer came by to arrange an interview with Mr. Whitaker and personally observed a class. There is a TV monitor on the wall and Mr. Whitaker is able to record the classes while teaching them to review the details that an instructor may miss with larger classes. This is how students get that a “little something extra” from their training.

A School that isn't afraid of a little friendly Competition

The Karate School has approximately “Two dozen” competitors that compete in martial arts tournaments of the area. Competitors at the Karate School compete in Sparring (Kumite), Forms (Kata), Weapons and even choreographed Self – Defense skits. Perhaps one of the things that this writer liked best about Master Whitaker and his school is that there is no ego or “machismo” associated with either him or his school. This is refreshing when it comes to the Martial Arts industry. Typically an industry where ego and insecurity run rampant. His approach to Self Defense is simple and effective. Break Contact and escape; these two things keep his training realistic and practical. He teaches an acronym (R.A.D.) React, Avoid and Defend. This is another great and often overlooked aspect missed by most martial arts schools. Most schools completely ignore the Situational Awareness aspect.

Host for Local Event

Mr. Whitaker gave us two big surprises during the interview we did for the Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner and that was that he is planning a local tournament to be held in September. This is a great sign that this place is well on its way and is established. Again always the ambassador of good will Carl will host the tournament to bring other martial arts schools in the area together for a friendly competitive event. The second surprise is that he is hosting and helping Sponsor another community event. The Dan Severn 2014 Beast Tour will make a stop at The Karate School in Lake Worth Texas on 16 August 2014. This tour will culminate the following day on 17 August with a large event to raise money for a local VFW chapter.

Karate is Still Kicking in Lake Worth

In closing, The Karate School in Lake Worth Texas shows us that Karate (Taekwondo) isn’t dead and that it still has a lot to offer both young and old, from purpose and discipline to fitness and self-defense. If you are in the DFW area particularly Lake Worth and have ever wanted to try out Karate, This would be a great place to start.

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