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Martial arts 101: Which ones are offered in the Billings area?


You may be wondering what martial arts a smaller metropolitan like Billings has to offer. Well, thereTwo Aikido practitioners train with the bokken at the 4th Avenue Dojo are many styles from many countries being taught in Yellowstone County.

You can choose from Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Karate, Hapki Do, Jujitsu, Chi-Tu Do, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Kyuki-Do, Aikido, Kyudo, Kendo, Tai Chi, Kara-Ho Kempo Karate, and many different kinds of weapons--if you’re so inclined. You even have the option of Fencing, if you’d rather try a western martial art.

The choices are fairly diverse with different schools and instructors to choose from, depending on your time constraints, financial ability, and whether or not you’d like group or private lessons. The Big Sky--so to speak--seems to be the limit.