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Martial Art training to the rescue of fitness

A student recently started up at Norman’s 5 Style Martial Art School in West Jordan, Utah and asked the instructor what was the diet of a martial artist. The new student claimed to have been a long distance runner in the past. He had gained a lot of weight which shown around his mid-section. It appeared the new man in reading many martial art magazines had thought there were some special protocols for people to become Shoalin monks.

With a smile on his face, Sifu responded that it depended on where the practitioner lived for what kind of food they ate. After the student probed more, Sifu reminded him of the FDA food pyramid. He explained that hydration was extremely important. The would assist with energy. Sifu explained that the sugar was not the important part it was the electrolytes that needed to be replaced. Sifu told him the story of the Florida Gators and the reason Gatorade was developed. The team was exhausted too student asked what kind of energy drink to bring for class, thinking a reserve of sugar quickly during their practices. The suffering team didn’t need to replace their sugar reserves during workout they were using up the electrolytes in their body. You know how salts rise to the skin with perspiration following a heavy workout?

So the new student learned that it wasn’t new sugar or an extra bolt of caffeine during fitness training, it was hydration and electrolyte replacement.