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Martha's Village Elects Former Resident to Board of Directors

Indio, CA
Indio, CA

Erica Hernandez. former Martha’s resident,has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Martha’s Village & Kitchen. , She joins the 14-member board to chart the future of Riverside County’s largest provider of services to the homeless and indigent. In a life full of surprises for this mother of four.

In 2003, the doctors told Erica that her mother had passed away, but this was only the first blow. Her father sold the family home soon afterwards and she was cast out onto the streets.

“I didn’t have anywhere to go,” Erica said. “At that time, I had four kids 8, 4 and 2-year old twins. Two pieces of clothing for each child, two towels and a blanket. No home, no job, no prospects.

They lived in a hand-me-down car with expired tags and packed with all of their worldly possessions. She learned that Martha’s Village was handing out free food, so she brought her family, only hoping for a meal for her children. What she found was a place to stay, medical care, early childhood development classes and, the support she needed to find a job so that she could care for her family on her own.

Erica is now a supervisor at Walmart and she has her life back on track. She has the means to provide for her kids, a reliable car, a seat on Martha’s Village & Kitchen’s Board of Directors. She will soon be featured in an upcoming television commercial for the non-profit.