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Martha Carolyn Dreher: Babysitter from hell torches house over unruly kids

Martha Carolyn Dreher: Babysitter from hell torches house over unruly kids
Wikimedia Commons

Martha Carolyn Dreher’s going rate for her babysitting services? Twenty bucks an hour, plus an arson rider on your homeowner’s insurance in case your kids happen to tee off this quacked out sitter. The Austin, Texas 57-year-old was arrested and charged with first-degree felony arson in connection with an August 9 house fire. Talk about a fiery disposition.

Father and homeowner Glenn Williams hired the older nanny to watch over his twin boys while he and his two pre-teen daughters were out of town. Dreher, who had watched the family’s four children on multiple occasions, evidently found the girls to be particularly disrespectful and undisciplined, so she took her flaming mad antics out on the home – setting a blaze and burning the girls’ rooms to a crisp.

Writes CBS Houston: “Investigators say Dreher typically took care of the man’s preteen daughters. They were on vacation with their dad during the incident. Investigators say Dreher was watching the boys elsewhere but told them she needed to stop by the house to ‘grab popcorn.’ They say the fire was set on one of the girl’s beds in the 30 minutes Dreher was inside. The boys were in Dreher’s car at the time and were unharmed.”

Video captured Dreher driving away from the home as flames could be seen licking at the bedroom windows. Investigators said they found lighter fluid inside of the home, and evidence that someone had tossed eggs all over the place.

“It was definitely a vendetta against the two girls,” Glenn Williams said.

Police who questioned Dreher said she had told Williams to get his girls under control or else. She informed Williams that she was done watching the girls, because, according to the sitter, they were “out of control, lacking respect and having discipline issues.”

For her flaming hot temper, she now faces 99 years behind bars.

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