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Marssa: Premier Ethnic Gourmet Dining for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Dining at Marssa
Valentine's Dining at Marssa

February 14th is approaching and many are thinking of gifts to impress their loved ones on this day.

Marssa is a premier ethnic gourmet dining experience in Henderson, NV. The restaurant won the AAA Four Diamond Award in 2008. Marssa will be the perfect beginning to any Valentine’s Day celebration. The menu consists primarily of Pan-Pacific or Asian inspired cuisine. The presentation of cuisine is remarkable. Fabulous modern décor creates Marssa’s ambiance. The mountain and lake views will set the stage for the romantic evening for couples on Valentine’s Day.

Sushi has been traditionally thought of as food for romance. Foods that are high in Omega-3 fats have been thought to be a natural aphrodisiac. Oysters, salmon, and other seafood are each high in Omega-3 fats and will surely promote the romantic evening that lies ahead. Ethnic connoisseurs should try Marssa’s Crunchy Salmon Roll with cream cheese, fresh salmon and Avocado. Alternatively, try the Oysters on a half shell or the California Roll. The salmon, oysters, and crab are all rich in Omega-3’s and will provide the energy needed to complete a beautiful date with your love.

Spices have also been known to increase blood flow and also, libido. Chili Pepper and Cayenne Pepper are two such spices that accomplish this. If you are seeking to spice up your romance, then try the Cajun Albacore Tataki or the Spicy Rock Shrimp. For those who are involved in committed relationships, these spices could give the diner just the boost needed for the romantic evening rendezvous.

The restaurant also has a list of libations for the ethnic diner to partake. Alcoholic beverages in moderation lower inhibitions and increase blood flow, which may assist the ethnic diner socially. Sake is traditionally served with Sushi, but Champagne is recommended for romantic occasions. Alcoholic beverages in excess may lower libido, as well as, decrease the cognitive ability to make wise decisions. Drink responsibly and in moderation.

Finish the evening with dessert. Dark chocolate has many medicinal properties and can also assist in increasing blood flow and lowering inhibitions.

Marssa has the only Master Sushi Chef in Las Vegas, Mr. Osamu “Fuji” Fujita. The cuisine is equally as delightful to consume as it is to view. The presentations are wonderfully creative. The restaurant accepts reservations, and reservations are highly recommended for Valentine’s Day.

If you are still debating about a gift for your Valentine’s date, whether it be a card, a book, flowers, or jewelry, be certain it includes an ethnic meal. An ethnic dinner at a sushi restaurant, chocolate, and alcohol in moderation will be just the prescription the lovers need to spark the romance for the evening.


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