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Marshmallow Peeps coming to a theater near you?

Marshmallow Peeps coming to a theater near you?
Marshmallow Peeps coming to a theater near you?
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It’s a known fact that Hollywood hasn’t exactly been very creative lately. Most of the films that arrive to theaters are unnecessary sequels, awful reboots, desperate comedies, and so on. We must admit, some movies that seem like they won’t do very well end up being surprisingly cool. The latest example is “The LEGO Movie,” which already has a sequel in the works. On Tuesday though, Deadline delivered the news of Hollywood’s new idea: A Peeps movie.

Yes, we’re talking about the marshmallow Easter candy treats. The plans for this film are serious. The source reports that there is already a screenwriter, Adam Rifkin. Cinemablend points out that “The Lego Movie” became a huge success. The Lego feature has banked over $441 million worldwide, and not everyone thought this idea was good initially. Could the same happen with Peeps though?

The movie source also reveals that there is already a plot for the film. “The plot would involve Peeps in diorama contest where one Peep is misplaced but must hustle to rejoin the rest of the crew, hopping in and out of various other dioramas,” Cinemablend writes.

Rifkin is best known for his screenwriting work in “Underdog” and “Small Soldiers." Rifkin is known for family entertainment, so perhaps there’s small hope for this film. And come on, Peeps are cute and very popular candies! I’m sure kids will want to see this movie. The Peeps film needs more than children wanting to see the film though in order to be a success.

Rifkin just wrapped up “Reality Show,” a program adapted from his Showtime series of the same name. He is set to direct the thriller “Director’s Cut” next, a film that centers on a movie star being stalked on a film set. I’m assuming after this project Rifkin will be free to take on the marshmallows.