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Marshmallow Crispy flavor Oreos Limited Edition available on Amazon

Limited edition can mean hard to find.
Limited edition can mean hard to find.

If you are an Oreo cookie lover, there is a new flavor on the market to try, called Marshmallow Crispy. It is a golden cookie with a crispy cereal mixed into the icing disc between the two outer cookies. The flavor is along the lines of Oreo golden meets Rice Krispy Treats. These cookies were introduced nationally on February 3 and can be found in some grocery stores, Target, and Walmart. price is around $3.50 in a store.

Since these are a limited edition flavor, limited can also mean hard to find. Amazon sellers have taken care of that problem for you. A 2-pack of Marshmallow Crispy Oreo cookies sells for as low as $12.88 for Amazon Prime customers. The listing of 2 boxes has a whopping 67 sellers so expect prices to fall even further as the expiration date gets closer. Oreos usually have a shelf life of about 4 months.

The $12.88 price on Amazon includes free 2-day expedited shipping. You will be paying a bit more for your Oreos from Amazon, but the quick convenient delivery can't be beat. Currently there are quite a few varieties of Oreos available on Amazon:


Chocolate filled with either golden or chocolate cookie

Mint with a chocolate cookie

Berry with a chocolate cookie

Birthday cake with a golden or chocolate cookie

Peanut butter with a chocolate cookie

Lemon with a golden cookie

Peppermint candy cane on a chocolate cookie

Gingerbread with a golden cookie

Candy corn on a golden cookie

Limited edition Oreos are a popular grocery item on Amazon, usually offered by a large number of sellers so a price war helps consumers purchase them at a fairly low price. Most are available for Prime shipping.

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