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Marshawn Lynch not a fan of media day

Again Marshawn Lynch proves that he is no talk and all action. On Jan. 28 ESPN reports that Lynch walked away from his podium after just 6 minutes and 20 seconds. It is very possible that he will be fined for ending the session before it was supposed to be over and leaving several reporters hanging.

According to reports, Marshawn Lynch is not a fan of media day.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Marshawn is known for his quiet demeanor and was even fined for $50,000 by the NFL this season for refusing to speak after games. He can be described as a man of great action and few words. Or the strong, silent type. Rumor has it though that Marshawn Lynch is just really shy.

Lynch prefers to show fans what he's all about on the field and he's done a great job at that. Known as "Beast Mode" to fans and teammates, Marshawn Lynch is a major player in the Seattle Seahawks offense.

Deion Sanders was able to pull Lynch aside for a brief NFL Network interview. Apparently Deion asked all the right questions and Marshawn was about as verbose as he ever will be. The interview started with Lynch slipping and using a bit of foul language but Sanders didn't even acknowledge it. He just kept on talking and surprisingly, so did Lynch.

Lynch admitted he doesn't like to talk to cameras and the podium just isn't for him. He told Sanders that he will show fans on the field and not on the stage. He said that's just how he was raised. He did tell Sanders that he's excited about the big game. When asked about his role with the Seahawks team, he told Sanders that he's not the only one to watch out for on game day.

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