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Marshawn Lynch fined for not speaking to the media

Marshawn Lynch fined for not talking
Marshawn Lynch fined for not talking
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was fined by the NFL for not speaking to the media this season. In an era where the NFL likes to fine players for saying inappropriate things to the media, ESPN reported on Jan. 5 that they fined Lynch for not talking to the media this season at all.

The fine was a huge one as the NFL slapped Lynch with a $50,000 fine because he never spoke to the media the entire season until this past Friday when he finally spoke to reporters for the first time of the year. The meeting on Friday was just a brief one and the NFL realized it was also his first one.

While some may feel it is wrong to penalize a player for not putting himself first by sitting with reporters, the NFL requires that players speak to the media through the season. Lynch finished the regular season rushing for 1,257 yards and 12 touchdowns and also added a career-high 216 receiving yards as well.

What is interesting is that, when Lynch finally was forced to talk to the media this week, he answered them in short one sentence answers and his arm shook the entire time, showing he has a clear anxiety about public speaking. When asked about how the week off will help them, he answered by saying "yeah, rest helps" and then waited for the next question.

It is understandable why the NFL wants players to talk to the media, to help build anticipation for the games and help the players become celebrities, but for someone like Lynch, it seems counterproductive. The Marshawn Lynch fine won't change anything.