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Mars: Thigh bone spotted in photo of Mars

A thigh bone – or what appears to be a thigh bone – has been spotted on planet Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover. According to a Huffington Post report on Thursday, UFO Blogger posted this week that the rover’s MastCam captured a photo of a fossilized thigh bone a week ago – on August 14. Looking at the photo, it is difficult to argue with the assumption made by the people at UFO Blogger.

Photo of a 'thigh bone' on Mars is causing the latest stir among Mars enthusiasts.
NASA photo

However, even though the object spotted in the photo on the red planet does look a lot like a fossilized femur, it is more likely – from a scientific point of view and an astronomical point of view – just an odd-looking rock formation sitting on the planet’s floor. This is far from being the first time that people - who keep their eyes on the planet – believe they have seen something on Mars that simply is not supposed to be there. At least, it shouldn’t be there unless there is indeed life on the planet.

NASA’s response to such photographed events has been less than agreeable with the notion that would lead to there being any sort of life on Mars. Just last year, when a strange and shiny object was spotted on Mars’ surface, NASA responded on its website with their own explanation to quiet the paranormal individuals among us. The NASA response was simply that sometimes things can take on an unusual appearance. NASA has had similar responses to images that have appeared to be other objects on Mars – including weird faces.

Regarding the most recent photo of an alleged thigh bone, media has asked NASA to respond. Thus far, there has been no response. Odds are that their response will once again tell curiosity-seekers that the thigh bone is nothing more than a rock of sorts.

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