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Mars in Libra May 2014, by Terry Nazon

The planet Mars is currently retrograde in the air sign in Libra and repeats the same degrees where it 1st transited on Dec. 28-Dec. 29, 2013. This is Mars stationary direct point as it prepares to go direct on May 20th, it’s deja-vue time. So in May Mars the planet of action or inaction will be strong as it makes its 2nd and 3rd pass through 9° Libra. Mars is in it’s detriment in the sign of Libra and is more inclined to observe rather than take action.

There is also the sense of wanting to be in charge in relationships or over others with Mars in Libra. People can masquerade, so you don’t know if they are friend or foe. Competition gets stiffer and markets correct themselves when Mars is in Libra. Those with more determination and patience win in the end though. There can be family trouble, losses and in some cases death with Mars in Libra. People in general can be too hasty reckless, thoughtless, and impulsive especially in their intimate encounters.
in May Mars will be more active than ever and in many cases bring things to a head. Avoid hasty decisions and impulsiveness, remember patience will win out this month.

You will want to check your free Natal Birth Chart for planets, asteroids, and house cusps between 9°-10° degrees to try to work with the Mars energy, the most potent energy of all the planets.

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