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Mars Ignites the Grand Cardinal Square by Terry Nazon

What's down the road?
What's down the road?
Terry Nazon

We are in the midst of some very intense planetary aspects that culminate this week. Mars retrograde in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer, squares Uranus in Aries, and squares Pluto in Capricorn, this week and front and center is Libra Vladimir Putin, who has put himself on the worlds stage. This Grand Cardinal Square may lead to emergency diplomatic intervention over the coming days when we can expect things to heat up. Mars rules bloodshed, war, and aggression and in Libra boys behaving badly, very badly in fact. How this plays out is anyone's guess but it will shape the months and years to come. It's tense out there and all tense situations will eventually come to a head.

In your personal life Mars is the planet of action and perhaps you too are dealing with falls, scraps, cuts and bruises and should be careful and alert that it's not anything more serious than that. We all need to be vigilant, and aware of our surroundings over the coming days. Take heed to our impulses, what makes us angry and what we can't control in our own lives. Personal relationships are frustrating and it seems no one is getting what they want.