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Mars hits the eclipse point: Malaysian Plane shot down and Israel begins ground

downed Malaysian flight
downed Malaysian flight
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Malaysian flight 17 took off from Amsterdam, Netherlands at 12: 15 P.M. showing us the flight chart for July 17, 2014 for Malaysian flight 17. The plane is a US made Boeing and all 289 passengers are dead, shot down by an air to surface missile July 17. Allegedly, a tweet from pro-Ukraine forces had stated 'do not fly in our sky." Other reports show Russian Separatist fighters confused over what type of plane was shot down. According to news reports there was at least one American aboard the plane, most were Dutch nationals.

Mars is in the first house of the flight chart, square the Sun at 25 degrees in the tenth house and this is a dangerous transit indicative of war and weapons of war.

This is a critical degree for Mars and the Sun as it is aspect the same degree of the April 15, 2014 eclipse at 25 Libra, and (as I predicted in the US Summer solstice chart blog) can pertain to major events in the world triggered by that eclipse. Mercury squared Pluto at the time of that eclipse showing us the potential of an accident or issue concerning transportation. A Korean passenger ferry sunk, costing many lives around the time of the April eclipse.

Also in the flight chart the moon lies at 3 degrees Aries (in the seventh house of open enemies), square Mercury and this is indicative of an accident or issue in flight. As the moon moved through Aries July 17, it set off the Uranus-Pluto square. Communication was lost with the plane at 2:15 P.M. as the Moon squared Mercury, exact.

News reports at the time of this post blame the downing of the plane of Pro-Russian fighters in Ukraine. Soviet President Vladimir Putin has called Russian involvement, 'stupid,' but his chart shows the use of questionable tactics, and lack of support from those in power, in partnerships, potential legal difficulties and obstacles as Saturn opposes his Jupiter, and Saturn turns direct July 20. His popularity will likely take a dive and he faces further obstacles as we enter fall. Mid-October will prove problematic again. Eventually as Pluto opposes his Saturn he may lose much credibility in the world.

Also on July 17, Israel launched a ground invasion into Gaza following days of back and forth rocket fire with Hamas.
As Saturn turns direct this is a powerful planetary influence as Saturn is currently opposing Pluto and Saturn is Israel's natal chart and this is a dark transit indicative of death, conflicts and transformation. Venus opposed Jupiter from Israel's eighth house of death and Jupiter rules governments.

The April 15, lunar eclipse fell in Israel's twelfth house ruling subversives, and issues that are secret that come out into the open. The twelfth house generally indicates 'troubles, subversives and in some cases institutions as well as the sponsors of subversion.
Pluto is square Neptune in Israel's twelfth house, another powerful transit and Pluto rules power, nuclear weapons, and those in power, and with Neptune, death. The moon in Aries set off this square.

While the Uranus-Pluto square is not exact at this time, it is still within orb, and as major planetary events occur this powerful configuration will be set off creating major events in the world.

Major events will continue to occur in the world as Saturn turns direct and Uranus retrogrades the next day, July 21.

July 22-26, will be another significant period as Mercury opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and we could hear more news or there may be other situations involving travel or transport that could occur.

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