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Mars, Earth, Sun align: 'Opposition' comes days before blood moon

Planet Earth
Planet Earth
Wikimedia Commons

Mars, Earth, and the Sun will align on April 8, something that happens once every 778 days. According to Yahoo! News, this occurrence is called "opposition" and is a very rare site to see.

"Think of Earth and Mars as two cars racing on circular tracks. Because Earth is closer to the sun, it travels faster, completing a circuit in 365 days. Mars is farther from the sun and takes longer, 687 days. By the time Mars has completed one circuit, Earth has a lot of catching up to do to get to a point between the Red Planet and the sun," reports Yahoo! News.

Days after Mars, Earth, and the Sun align, another rare occurrence will be seen in the night sky: A blood moon. As previously reported, this happens when there is a complete lunar eclipse. This will give the moon a reddish-orange glow, giving it the name "blood moon." Interestingly enough, some people believe that the blood moon has to do with prophecy -- some believe it signifies the apocalypse and others insist it represents the second coming of Christ.

Regardless what you believe, the month of April will undoubtedly be a time to keep your eyes on the sky.

When Mars, the Earth, the Sun align, it's difficult to see but with patience and telescope, Mars could be visible.

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