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Mars, Earth, and Sun align live stream viewing for tomorrow

Mars, Earth, and the Sun are about to align in an somewhat rare astrological event, according to an April 7 Yahoo News report. In this event, Mars will be the exact opposite of the sun in the sky, and it is known as opposition. This opposition occurs every 778 days, and you can view a live stream video feed of the 2014 Mars Opposition on the Slooh YouTube channel. The video is also embedded above this story.

2014 Mars Opposition brings Red Planet in alignment with Earth and Sun
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tomorrow Mars, Earth, and the Sun align in a straight line, and some people believe there is a significance to this event that affects their lives and the lives of others on Earth. Even if you do not believe that this alignment of the three celestial bodies will affect your life, it is still an interesting phenomenon to observe.

Tomorrow, not only will the Sun, Earth, and Mars align, but Mars will also be a mere 57.4 million miles from Earth as this opposition takes place. Because the Red Planet is closer to Earth, tomorrow it will appear 10 times brighter than a first magnitude star if you are looking at it from the surface of the Third Rock from the Sun.

The best viewing times for the Mars Opposition are looking to the east at sunset, and then again at midnight when Mars will be overhead in the night sky. Mars will be shining at -1.5 magnitude in the constellation Virgo tomorrow night if you intend to star gaze to view the Red Planet's alignment with Earth and the Sun.

While this Mars Opposition is more favorable than the previous one in 2012, the most favorable Mars Opposition will occur in 2018. Be sure to catch the Mars Opposition 2014 live stream video tomorrow.

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