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Marrying Black

Married May 16, 2014
Married May 16, 2014
Mrs. Ajagha

Will you ever find love? They say that there is someone out there for everyone. I bet many of my readers wonder why I have not published an article in so long. Well for who I believe in (God) has brought me that special someone and I can honestly say I've been blessed tremendously to find love.
Although my love may come from a different background from mine, I can honestly say, YES! The many things I have spoken to my readers about, I too have been going through and taking my own advice. I'm not going to sit here and telling you that things have been perfect because that would be a lie. I can say he's a honest and God fearing man that I I too take lessons from and humble myself to.
Everyone you meet is not out to destroy you or your being. Keep in mind compromise, understanding and communication are the keys to a great beginning to your forever.
I did it so much I married the guy. Lol