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'Married To Medicine' season 2 premiere

The season premiere of “Married to Medicine” was a code blue emergency and there were plenty of doctors in the house. It is going to take CPR to revive Quad and Mariah’s friendship. The two peas in a pod are barely speaking to each other over a photo shoot they were both asked to participate in. When Quad got the shoot, this did not sit well with the queen B. Now, Quad’s shine is forcing Mariah to sip wine under a shade tree.

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Alex Martinez

Quad claims Mariah is acting out of insecurity. She posted on her Bravo Blog that their fall-out has nothing to do with the photo shoot, but has everything to do with Mariah being “threatened by anyone who garners more success”. There may be some truth to Quad’s statement. Mariah has said last Season that Quad is not polished in doctor’s wives etiquette and felt she will have to groom her for this elitist circle. Mariah accused Quad of imitating her style. She even claims to have “made her”. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but there’s a difference between original and a knock-off,” she wrote on her blog.

Meanwhile, the Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly face-off was quite the stir. Dr. Heavenly prescribed Jackie two milligrams of a serious reality check, which she should swallow with plenty of humility for her off-putting comment she made to a plus-size beauty contestant at a fund raiser. Many felt her reaction to the beauty contestant’s accomplishment was wrong and done in poor taste. This obviously sparked a knee-jerk reaction in Heavenly due to her struggles with weight because she let Jackie have it at a black tie event in front of many of their comrades.

Dr. Heavenly reminded Jackie that her unsolicited medical advice was very harsh and she stole a beautiful moment from the gorgeous contestant, which wasn't hers to take. The always poised Dr. Jackie wasn't going down without a fight and urged Dr. Heavenly to stay in her lane when she said, “A dentist is not a doctor”. Jackie insisted her reaction was not to cause harm but about promoting accurate information regarding “good health”.

Toya and Dr. Simone were beefing over Simone’s inappropriate behavior at a party when she was bumping and grinding against Toya’s husband. Giving Simone the benefit of the doubt, she was caught up in the moment and having a good time; however, friend or no friend, husbands are off limits.

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