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‘Married to Medicine’: Is God’s name used in vain? Quad, Mariah fight continues

Married to Medicine story continues with Mariah and Quad fight
Married to Medicine story continues with Mariah and Quad fight
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The fans of “Married to Medicine” have to be yawning as the fight between Quad and Mariah continues to be blown up larger than life. The two ladies who at one point were friends have been sparring with each other as the show continues to drag out a fight Quad and Mariah had after the fashion show. According to Atlanta BlackStar on Sunday, the fight has cast members wondering if they can go on a couples retreat together if Quad and Mariah continue to fight.

While the two women appear to have no intention to try and resolve the issue, it’s obvious how uncomfortable it makes the other cast members as they need to choose what side they are on. In fact, the couple retreat that was suggested on Sunday night’s program appears to be tabled until the estranged friends can calm down enough to be civil to each other.

Usually the Bravo stars wait until the end of the year before the fights start, but this incident appears to be the story of the season. The fight has someone storming off almost every episode, it is becoming a bit too dramatic (and by that we mean slightly unbelievable.)

As any good Bravo program offering up interaction with reality stars are always interesting, it seems really odd the religious theme that is found in “Married in Medicine.” It is quickly becoming obvious how often God’s name repeatedly comes up in ways that seem odd. Conversations are interspersed with God reflections and being a “Godly woman” comes up too. It makes viewers check the remote to make sure the channel really is on Bravo. Is God's name being used in vain on this show? Or is it just a religious theme with the show?

Next week “Married to Medicine” continues on the story of the fight between Mariah and Quad at the fashion show and the fallout. The sneak peek reveals that someone is served a restraining order. Be ready with a favorite beverage as viewers should expect the religious references to return and would be perfect for a drinking game.