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'Married at First Sight' spoilers: Women share secrets on 'The View'

Cortney and Jason
Cortney and Jason

This morning fans of "Married at First Sight" got a treat as they got the chance to see the women from the show on "The View." This new episode aired on Thursday morning. Jamie, Cortney and Monet were all on the show, but the men were nowhere to be seen.

Jamie loved the idea because of the experts. She admits to being afraid of commitment, but this idea worked for her. Monet is 33-years-old and was ready to get married even though the hosts told her she was still young. Cortney explained that she didn't want to regret her decisions and if she hadn't said yes she would have always wondered.

They did all have their wedding rings on, but of course that didn't mean anything. Jamie admits that she wasn't attracted to Doug at first and felt very uncomfortable when he started to rub her hands. Jamie now says that now that she knows his character he is the most amazing man in the world and that is what she asked for in a man.

Monet said she was worried about drama and being represented wrong. They have four weeks to decide if it will work or not. They can't share how things are now. Jamie and Cortney got married on March 23 and Monet got married on March 22. Cortney and Monet both admitted to sleeping with their husband right away. Viewers haven't seen Jamie and Doug actually go that far yet on the show so she said it took her a while to open up to him. Jamie admitted she warmed up to him eventually. Their honeymoon picture proves that for sure.

Don't miss the new episodes of "Married at First Sight" on Tuesday nights on FYI Network. It was great to see the women on "The View" this morning. This show is one hour long each week. Viewers are loving it already and can't get enough of these couples.