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'Married at First Sight' spoilers: Monet and Vaughn quiet about relationship

Monet and Vaughn
Monet and Vaughn
Vaughn Copleand on Instagram

Viewers are falling in love with "Married at First Sight." They are looking for updates on the couples and some of them are talking. Monet and Vaughn Copeland are the hardest couple to read though. They are not talking much at all even though they are on their social networks. On Wednesday, Monet went to Twitter to share some pictures from their big day.

She was tweeting out pictures of the wedding party. Monet also shared one of their first dance. The thing is she simply retweeting what fans have to say or sharing Instagram photos of the wedding. So far she isn't giving any hints at all about if this couple is still together or not. Fans want to know but she is being really smart and refusing to give any clues.

Vaughn has been on Twitter too and shared a screenshot. He teased that you know what time it is since it was their wedding night. He shared a photo of himself by the bed and Monet was on the bed lying down. Vaughn shared a few small spoilers like that he had to wait at the altar to meet her for 45 minutes, but he is quiet about the relationship too.

It is hard to tell if Monet and Vaughn were able to make it last. They are tagging each other a bit from time to time, but that is about it. This either means they aren't together anymore or they are both really good at staying quiet and making sure no spoilers come out for this show.

Don't miss new episodes of "Married at First Sight." It airs on Tuesday nights on FYI. There have been two episodes already and there are new ones every single week. These couples met on their wedding night and are trying to make their marriage work.

Huge update: Find out the status of their relationship here!

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