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'Married at First Sight' spoilers: Cortney lives for little moments with Jason

Cortney and Jason
Cortney and Jason
Cortney on Instagram

"Married at First Sight" on FYI has everyone talking and this show is making waves. This week viewers saw that all three couples went through with their weddings and are now married to each other. On Tuesday, Cortney Hendrix went to her Twitter page to share a small tweet that makes it look like things are going well with Jason Carrion.

Her tweet was an Instagram picture that shows her kissing Jason at their wedding. "Married at First Sight" shared on their Twitter page that Cortney and Jason were the only couple to actually kiss on their wedding day. The others did share a kiss but not right on the lips like these two. They obviously have great chemistry together.

If you were to look at the three couples right away, Cortney and Jason seem to be the couple that is the best fit. Jamie was really unsure about Doug at first. Monet and Vaughn seem to be getting along great but their chemistry isn't as big as that between Cortney and Jason yet.

The tweet that Cortney sent out said, "Little moments like this- I live for @kr0ss #marriedatfirstsight @fyi #firstdance." She tagged Jason in the tweet. It really does look like she is saying that she still lives for little moments like this with Jason. That would mean that they are still together and that things are going well for them if that is the case. Of course they won't share spoilers and let anyone know for sure.

"Married at First Sight" is airing on Tuesday nights on FYI network. Three couples are now married and the rest of the season will show if they can make it work or not. Fans are hoping that they all last but they will have to continue to watch to find out for sure. If you have missed this show, repeats are airing and it is also available on Hulu. It is worth watching.