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'Married at First Sight': Sex therapist visits the couples for progress report

Episode six of FYI's "Marriage at First Sight" aired on Tuesday night. The three newly married couples have known each other just two weeks, according to this week's show. However, in real time they have been married since March. Also, in real time they have already made their decision to either stay together or divorce. We won't know what that decision is until the season finale on Sept. 9.

The couples are seen struggling with trust issues and having a hard time connecting emotionally. So Dr. Logan Levkoff, sexologist and relationship expert who was instrumental in matching them, visited each house to get a progress report on the marriage.

For nurse Jamie Otis, 27, this social experiment seemed like a nightmare. When she met software salesman Doug Hehner, 31, at the altar she felt no attraction for him. They still have not consummated their marriage even though she has warmed up to him more than when they first met and married. Doug has been very patient with Jamie. She said she could see her spending the rest of her life with him.

EMT Jason Carrion, 27, and makeup artist and burlesque dancer Cortney Hendrix, 26, seemingly made an instant connection at their first meeting. They did not consummate their marriage on the wedding night, but they did while on their honeymoon. They both admit there are no complaints adjusting sexually; however, they need to work on connecting emotionally. Their biggest challenge is coordinating their hectic work schedules.

Monet Bell, 33, a fashion product developer, and Vaughn Copeland, 30, an industrial technician started arguing on their honeymoon, and instead of things getting better, they have definitely gotten worse. In previous episodes, it seemed as though Vaughn was the insensitive one, but in this week's episode it was Monet who appeared insensitive. For instance, Vaughn had been away all week traveling for his job. He was excited to get home to his wife. Within minutes of his arrival, she announced that the girls were coming over. Vaughn said he thought they would share some time together the night he returned home since he had been gone all week.

Monet and Vaughn were the only ones who consummated their marriage on the wedding night. The have connected sexually. Monet says, "That's the easy part." The sex therapist said that a physical connection can only take a couple so far.

Before leaving, Dr. Levkoff gave the couples their wedding album. As they looked at the pictures, the couples were reminded of their wedding day, the very first day they met. Monet said the wedding album represented hope.

The relationship expert also left homework for the couples. She gave them a fishbowl containing questions. Each day they are to pull out a question to answer. This exercise will help them get to know each other.

"Married at First Sight" has been renewed for a second season with three new couples.

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