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'Married at First Sight' renewed for second season with three new couples

FYI has renewed one of its first original series, "Married at First Sight," for a second season after just five episodes during its initial season. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that this season is going so well that after the finale on Sept. 9, viewers can look forward to seeing three new couples at the altar in 2015. The second season will have eleven episodes while this first season has only ten.

When "Married at First Sight" premiered five weeks ago, people were skeptical and some critics said the show was making a mockery out of marriage. However, once people started watching it, they wanted to see the progress the couples were making each week.

The first episode showed the selection process. The second episode showed the couples getting ready and actually meeting and marrying at the altar. In the third episode, viewers saw the couples on their honeymoon in three different locations. The couples had overwhelming experiences of deciding where they were going to live and moved in together during the fourth episode. In the most recent episode, the couples were seen trying to adjust to everyday life. The fifth episode averaged 661,000 viewers. That was the highest total for the season for this new show that some still think the couples were insane to accept this unconventional type of marriage.

If you miss any of the episodes on FYI when they are originally aired from New York on Tuesday nights, the show is repeated during the rest of the week. You can also catch up on any shows you missed on Hulu.

When you watch the show, you will begin to bond with the couples and root for their success. No doubt you will form your own opinions and speculate which couples should stay together and which couples should call it quits. However, viewers will have to wait for the finale on Sept. 9 to see who will stay married and who will decide to divorce.

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