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'Married at First Sight' prediction: Couples who will stay married

According International Business Times on Tuesday, the three couples on "Married at First Sight" are days away from deciding if they will stay married or will divorce after the "social experiment" is over. With only one more episode in this season's reality show, viewers can almost predict which couples are considering divorce.

The Christian Post summarized what has been happening with the newlyweds leading up to their one-month anniversary. Spiritual expert Greg Epstein met with each couple to see what their last days of the experiment are like. He wanted to see what they were doing before they have to disclose what they have decided.

Jason and Cortney won't have much time for each other when Jason goes to the fire academy so Cortney involved him in her burlesque show so they could spend more time together. They also went on a dinner cruise since they had not had a romantic dinner since their honeymoon. For a couple so worried about not having time together, they seem to be the only couple who really makes time for each other without an expert telling them to do so. Jason is still concerned about whether he can completely trust Cortney to be there for him in the long run. It seems as if Cortney is the one who wants to stay married, but Jason isn't quite sure. Jason concluded, "I hope our heads are in the right place." To this Corney responded, “I hope our heads and our hearts are in the same place."

For their one-month anniversary, Cortney bought Jason tickets to see "Rocky" on Broadway. Jason bought matching t- shirts with a fireman's hat on the front with the words: “Keep Calm and Carrion.” It was a play on words since Carrion is his last name. Their names and wedding date were written on the back.

Jamie is still dealing with the lie Doug told last week about smoking even though he has apologized. Jamie admits she might be overlooking what Doug needs. By the way, there is no indication that after a month if their marriage has been consummated. Jamie told Doug, “I am [romantic], but I save it for when I’m really in love." It really hurt her husband to hear that Jamie still doesn't love him.

Their one-month anniversary presents weren’t something that could be wrapped like the other couples' gifts. Doug performed at an open mic and dedicated the set to Jamie. He changed his performance just for her because she said she didn’t like R-rated humor. She thought Doug's performance was "super romantic."

Jamie's gift to Doug was a romantic photo shoot. She admitted their wedding day photo shoot was super awkward because she didn't want Doug to touch her, and she definitely didn't want to sit on his lap. This time was so much more comfortable. The show's expert isn’t so sure they’ll choose to stay together.

Vaughn and Monet seem to fight all the time. Vaughn's ought with Monet is that she doesn't pay enough attention to him. He has a real problem that she doesn't cook for him. Monet believes Vaughn is impatient with her. The expert suggested they go on a first date and start all over. The date went well, and apparently the two are beginning to know each other because for their one-month anniversary they both bought each other watches. They joked that Monet is always late and Vaughn loves being on time. The couple was impressed that they were both thinking along similar lines when they exchanged gifts.

In next week's finale, viewers will find out which couples will stay together. Cortney and Jason are the youngest of the couples but the most physically attracted to each other. Viewers are rooting that they will stay married. Psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona commended the couple's "very mature way" of approaching issues which made him conclude that they are the most likely to last. Jamie has a very hard time trusting people, and it is evident in her relationship with Doug. It is apparent Doug wants to stay with her, but it's too hard to decide if she will stay with him. Monet and Vaughn have similar backgrounds, but it has been said that they get along like oil and water. It is unlikely that they can live happily ever after. Most viewers agree that these two would be better off if they went their separate ways.

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