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'Married at First Sight' finale spoilers: New preview shares what to expect

Next week is the big finale of season one of "Married at First Sight." On Thursday, the show went to YouTube to share a new preview of the finale that will give fans an idea of what to expect next week. This show has already been renewed for a second season.

Jamie and Doug
Jamie Otis Facebook

It will be revealed next week if the couples make it or decide to get a divorce instead. In this preview, Cortney and Jason are talking about the problems with their schedules. They are still finding ways to see each other even though it is hard. Cortney says this has been the most insane time in her entire life. She realizes that Jason is scared that she will just disappear when things get hard, but Cortney doesn't seem like that at all. In this clip, she says that she wants Jason to make her "Mrs. Carrion." It sounds like she wants this marriage to work.

The next part of the clip shows Monet and Vaughn talking. They have had it rough this entire time. She explains to him how much she appreciated him picking her up from her doctor's appointment recently. Monet does realize that he is very passionate. She did learn a lot through this experience, but admits she is not sure what they are going to do and if they will stay together or not.

Doug is nervous about what Jamie is going to decide, but he says if it fails he will be sad. It sounds pretty obvious that he wants to be with her still. Everyone has to come to a decision next week about if they will stay married. Don't miss the season one finale of "Married at First Sight" on Tuesday night on FYI Network.

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