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'Married at First Sight' exclusive preview: Jason and Cortney's honeymoon

Tonight fans of the show "Married at First Sight" on FYI Network will get a new episode of the show. It is time for the honeymoons and Examiner has an exclusive sneak peek for tonight's episode. On Monday, FYI shared this preview with Examiner exclusively that you can check it in the video on this page.

Cortney and Jason
Instagram Cortney Hendrix

The preview shows Jason and Cortney on their honeymoon. It starts out with them sitting in bed and Jason talking about how they don't want to rush things. Cortney decides that she wants to go horseback riding. She has experience with it but Jason admits he is terrified. He goes ahead and does it but teases that he gets to pick what they do next time.

This is obviously not something he has done in the past. Cortney knows that he is just doing it for her because she wants to. He obviously made a great impression with going out on a horse with her. He wasn't comfortable but he went for it anyway. Jason says he is a city guy who rides trains and drives in cars normally.

Jason and Cortney look like they are really hitting it off. He even said that they are living up to what a honeymoon should be. They decided to take their physical relationship to the next level and go ahead and consummate their marriage. This couple is going all in on this experience. Hopefully they will make it because fans think they are adorable together.

IB Times also talked to Dr. Joseph Cilona of the show on Monday. When asked about his thoughts on if blind marriage like this could make a comeback he said, "For me, the show is not saying that people should marry blindly and use professionals to match them in an arranged marriage to a stranger. It is using a provocative and extreme premise to explore important issues, and using that vehicle to get people to pay attention, listen, consider and engage in a dialogue. Perhaps some people should consider the opinions of friends, loved, ones, or even professionals in their choices in romantic relationships and marriage. Maybe there are elements of certain arranged marriages that are worth exploring, understanding more deeply and applying in some ways to our own lives. These are the kinds of issues and questions the show highlights."

Don't miss "Married at First Sight" on Tuesday nights on FYI Network. It will be interesting to see if these couples can make it work or not. Hopefully they can find love on this show.

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