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'Married at First Sight': Couples deal with conflicts

Now that the couples are coming to the end of the period when they have to decide whether to stay together or not, they learn secrets that might cause them to end their marriage, according to Tuesday's episode of “Married at First Sight” on FYI. None of the three marriages seem to be strong enough to last.

According to International Business Times on Tuesday, episode 8 was titled “Conflict & Resolution” and reasonably so. Secrets came out about the couples who knew absolutely nothing about their spouses when they married at first sight at the altar four weeks ago. Dr. Joseph Cilona, the expert psychologist, met with the couples to discuss their conflicts and to offer advice for resolutions.

Jamie and Doug seemed to have taken some steps backward after they visited the trailer park where Jamie grew up. It seems to be more Jamie's hangup than Doug's who said he didn't care where she grew up. Doug seemed to be gaining Jamie's trust until she smelled smoke on him. When she questioned him about smoking, Doug lied to her over and over again. He even swore on his mother's life that he had not smoked. He eventually admitted he had resumed smoking to which Jamie responded, “I don’t want to be married to someone like that, and I won’t be."

Could Doug's lying be a deal breaker for the marriage? If Doug lied about smoking a cigarette, what else will he lie about? Doug isn't sure Jamie will ever be able to work through the ups and downs of a marriage since she has been in and out of so many bad relationships. Jamie admits to a friend that she doesn't know if she wants to stay married to Doug.

Cortney and Jason, who seemed to getting along well, seemed to be so distant in this episode. Jason told Cortney he distanced himself so she didn’t see he was in pain over his mother’s health issues. Jason is also concerned that he is going away to the fire academy for few weeks. They already had trouble working around their busy work schedules, and now they have to work around this. Jason isn’t sure Cortney is on the same page with him.

After talking to them, Dr. Joseph acknowledged he was confident the couple was developing a healthy relationship, and he thinks they will decide to stay married. Both Cortney and Jason are afraid their relationship will change after the show ends.

Vaughn doesn't think Monet is putting forth a real effort of being a wife and taking care of him. When Vaughn’s mother Roxanne visited, he asked her for advice. He claimed he was catering to Monet’s every need and didn’t know what else to do, but his mother had hope they could figure it out. When Roxanne met with Monet, she told her to just put a little more effort to cater to Vaughn’s needs because he just needs attention from her. Monet thought Roxanne was very fair with her advice. She said, “I felt like his mom rebooted me and gave me some tips on how to operate better."

The two didn't use Roxanne's advice very long because as soon as she left, Monet and Vaughn got into an argument, and she ended up saying to him, “You insensitive jackass." She claims that there hasn't been a time in this whole social experiment that Vaughn has asked her what makes her happy because in reality, he doesn’t care. She concluded, "He cares about what makes him happy.”

Dr. Joseph’s toughest couple was Vaughn and Monet who have been arguing a lot. He asked them to write apology letters to each other for what they are sorry for. Monet didn’t really feel sorry for anything, so she wasn’t sure what she would put in her letter.

If you have been watching the reality show, you probably have noticed that the couples have often referred to their marriage as "the experiment" or "the social experiment." It's too bad that's what they think about their marriage. “Married at First Sight” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FYI.

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