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'Married at First Sight': Couples are overwhelmed when they move in together

During the fourth episode of “Married at First Sight” that aired on FYI on Tuesday night, the three couples leave their destination honeymoon sites and return home. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the newlyweds are still strangers who are overwhelmed with the planning and negotiations to move in together. In this episode, the couples deal with two big areas: moving in together and finances.

Jamie who didn't warm up to Doug at first seems to be getting along well with him now. She visits Doug's family, but Doug's mother is suspicious of Jamie. Up to this point, Doug has been living at home to save money, but he and Jamie went apartment hunting and found one they liked even though Jamie had a beautiful one of her one. However, the couple wanted to start over together with something of their own. Jamie is really taking a big chance on Doug because he has money issues. She wants financial security which Doug might not be able to provide.

It was reported that Cortney understands that Jason can’t be too far from his ailing mother, but she also can’t be too far from work. It would be a long commute for her. They compromised and moved into their own apartment in Brooklyn even though Cortney works in Manhattan. Their moving problem was easier to solve than their financial one. Cortney admits she is heavily in debt because of student loans, and she owes money to her parents. Jason says he does have some savings.

It is apparent that Monet and Vaughn have problems. They had their first marital spat during the honeymoon, and after they moved in together the fighting continued. They both have nice apartments, but since Monet doesn't drive, Vaughn agrees to move in with her in Harlem because his job is more flexible in South Jersey.

They both seem to be financially secure. Even though Vaughn says he is old school when it comes to taking care of the finances, they agree to split the bills 50/50, but Vaughn says when they go out on dates, he will pay.

Monet and Vaughn don't agree when it comes to socializing. While she wants to continue having traditional Sunday brunches with her friends on Sundays, her husband wants to spend quiet time at home. Vaughn has not given up his apartment in New Jersey, so he threatens to go back to spend the night there.

Will the couples stay together? Right now, it seems that Monet and Vaughn are the ones to watch. “Married At First Sight” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FYI. If you missed any of the episodes, you can see them on Hulu.

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