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Married At First Sight

There is a brand new show out now with a unique premise. Six singles agree to allow 4 experts to match them with someone based on things like backgrounds, family values sexual compatibility and faith among other things. The individuals do not get any say in the selections. The catch is that they will not meet their match until their wedding day at the altar. They do not get to talk to them in advance, see photos, know anything about them or even find out their names.

They just have to trust that the experts know what they are doing. So far the show has gone through the interviews and selections by the experts complete with letting us get a peek into their home lives. Then all of this is followed by the weddings of the couples which include vows, receptions and wedding photos. The wedding episode went as expected, lots of nervous people freaking out and wondering if they were making a major mistake. One of the women had a major meltdown because she was not attracted to the man chosen for her in the slightest. In the end, she went through with the wedding only to end up in tears in an empty hallway shortly after.

Tonight’s episode will continue as the couples all leave for their honeymoons. The couples have to agree to stay married for a certain timeframe; after that timeframe each couple will have to sit down with the experts and decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce.

While this a very original idea, how many people would really be willing to take a chance like this, to put their lives completely into the hands of others and take a risk? Perhaps it will work; perhaps it won’t. Ultimately these are some very brave people to all agree to this. One thing is for sure, whether it works or not, it makes for good entertainment.

Check out more about the show at their website:

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