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Marriages, sometimes we just forget to be with each other

What are we doing?
What are we doing?
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In your marriage if you have ever felt like things were just a little off, maybe you two are just not jiving. Sometimes you don’t even know why that is happening. All of the sudden you realize you the relationship is a little flat. What causes that to happen you ask? Well, there are several reasons. It can start by just simply forgetting to date from time to time.

You become irritable, frustrated, may be even distant from each other. When that happens all of the sudden you realize that you two have not made time for each other. You think back and it has been months talked, went on a date, heck you may not even remember the last time you made love. Things like this can make a total shift in your connection.

You’re no longer on the same frequency, you don’t want the same thing for dinner, don’t like the same show and you have stopped finishing each other’s sentences. And to add to the underlying issue you might even start seeing little behaviors from your spouse that never use to bother you and suddenly do. It is simple; in order to stay connected you have to do things that connect you.

Here is a short comment found on, “Boredom started creeping in soon after Bill and Betty began to settle in to married life. Their efforts to provide their family with safety and security had instead created an all-too-patterned life of mostly sheer monotony. They began to treat their marriage as a finished product, rather than as something to cultivate. They then moved to the tasks of buying a house, having children, and advancing their careers, while expecting their marriage to take care of itself.”

Does this sound like your marriage? What makes it tough is this happens over time, so subtle that it’s hardly noticed. Hardly notice until your think of separating, or worse, thinking of divorce. If we would just pay attention to the disconnection that can that can occur just because of our busy lifestyles we save numerous marriages. Are you bored or is your partner bored in your relationship? Do you think you’re both stuck in a rut – in a dull marriage or long-term relationship?

Maybe it’s time to inject some energy into your relationship or marriage, before you give up hope. Couples everywhere ask each other; what happen to us? Where did we go wrong? When did things change? And, how did we grow apart? That’s easy…you lost focus on the little things. You stopped going for coffee, stopped planning dates, you stopped holding hands and the big one…you stopped going to bed together, the little things that brought you together you stopped doing.

It's Friday night when you look over at your spouse and it hits you: Didn't we do this exact same thing — dinner, couch, TV — last Friday night, too? Is this all there is? As you ponder these questions, you're not feeling terrible about your domestic life. And you don't really doubt that you love your partner as much as you ever did. You're just … well, face it … kind of bored.

And that's not a great way to feel. Do something together you've never done before — especially if it requires you to stretch beyond your normal limits: Go to a different state, do couples devotion, camp out under the stars. Not only will this force you to serve as each other's support system and confidant, you'll be building shared memories you can tap together later on. If all else fails…have sex with wonderful spouse of yours. No, that’s not the answer to everything, but if it’s lacking anyway…just sayin. Be blessed couples and have fun.

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