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Marriage, what's love got to do with it?

I do love you!
I do love you!
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The answer is…everything! Without love, and a few other characteristics, people just don’t treat each other as they should. If we actually went by the term “treat others like you want to be treated” based on how people actually treat each other, most would never get along. Maybe it is the love that one does feel for their spouse is what helps them and their partner navigate through the tough times.

But that sort of looks like the love of one partner is carrying the load. That does sort of shed some light on the importance of love. The sad thing is, love has not always been the motivating factor for marriage. Wikipedia reports this “A love marriage is a marriage of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction."

While nowadays, the term has little discrete meaning in the Western world, where most marriages are considered to be 'based in love,' the term has meaning elsewhere to indicate a concept of marriage which differs from the norms of arranged marriage and forced marriage. The term has found usage in South Asia and Middle-Eastern countries which have strong traditional arranged marriage systems, where the families of the woman, the man, or of both, arrange the marriage for the individuals. Depending on the culture, love marriages may be unpopular or frowned upon.”

What! How is that possible? A marriage without love these days never seems to go well. But consider this. A marriage that was arranged in which the two stay together for years and years without love, speaks volumes of their commitment. Sure, they may learn to love each other as the marriage goes on but imagine what that level of commitment accompanied by love would do for couples this day and age.

In today’s world love has everything to do with it, mostly because if one doesn’t “feel the love” there is usually no commitment at any level. Wikipedia also shared that “In the 20th century, the 1968 movement, the subsequent second women's movement in the 1970s, as well as the sexual revolution initiated a number of far-reaching changes in Western society: Equal rights for men and women, as well as the right of wives to work even if their husbands disagreed.

More and more women began to pursue careers. For the first time, they were free from the need to find a "provider", and "love marriage" became the social norm.” Thank God for that, who really wants to be with someone because you “have to” be or because your family planned it. Although we could learn a lot in the realm of commitment from those marriages, in today’s world that might be a disaster waiting to happen. On the flip side some may say that without love you wouldn’t have that commitment.

So do the two need to be present for a marriage to sustain the trials of this current world, absolutely? It takes a strong love for one another for the commitment to survive today’s stressors. Love is that important for without it a spouse may not be willing to stay committed. Sure, we could add that a couple needs patients, compromise and good communication, but wouldn’t those areas be difficult as well if someone wasn’t “feeling the love”. It is highly likely that most would agree and think, yes, that would be difficult.

Love is all about support, understanding, sharing, compromise and trust. If your marriage is fortunate to have love, then your marriage can give peace and happiness to you and your family. Life is all about sharing love and peace. Money, fame, status, luxury can all be meaningless. What we all want most is unconditional love, or Real Love. Real Love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves. Sadly, few of us have sufficiently received or given that kind of love, not just during our marriages but for our entire lives. So, what does love got to do with it…everything.

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