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Marriage vs. divorce: funny video shows delightful debate

Whether you're anti-marriage, avoiding commitment, defending your solitude or thinking you've waited too long for love to sway your singular ways, the high divorce rate can fuel debate for nuptial naysayers everywhere. But, many people think that love conquers all, and if the lady doth protest too much, a true prince may still win her over.

High divorce rate and societal changes have some singles waiting longer to marry, or avoiding it altogether.
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

A recent live comedy sketch at the ACME Theatre in Los Angeles presented a humorous take on marriage and divorce, with an improvisational twist at the end. Watch the video next to this story for a stinging singles' shot at marital bliss or dodging disaster, depending on your personal viewpoint. After the laughs and tears, consider this sweetly ironic chaser: the lovely actress in red, Julie Wittner, also wrote the scene. Fast forward to 1 hour, 20 min., 20 sec. (1.20.20) for the very last scene of the show!

Single life doesn't always go according to plan, and scrapping our internal script can keep things interesting and make us think twice about our choices, no matter how stubborn we are.

Enjoy the sketch, single or otherwise! Leave a comment for the scene stealers below, if you wish.

A single thought: Bravo!


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