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Marriage tip of the day: Follow your intuition

We all have that tiny voice in our heads, that feeling in the gut of our stomachs that lets us know that something is  not right.  Too often we ignore that voice because we are afraid of what we will find out or we ignore it because we are overly optimistic about our relationships.  The advice to be taken from this is to be smart and true  to yourself.  Do not get this confused with continuously nagging or accusing your mate of things.  Yet, use it as a steeping stone to being more alert and aware of what's going on in your life and in your marriage.  As always, communication is important in a relationship.  If something is bothering you, find a tactful way to address it.  It is when we ignore our intuition, blind ourselves to certain signs, and avoid the conversations that need to be had that we pave the way to a failed marriage.