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Marriage in the media

V103, a popular Atlanta radio station, shed light on a touchy situation for married celebrities. During Ms. Sophia's Girl Talk segment, it was mentioned that Atlanta rap star, Young Jock, has been having an affair with his manager and was moving her into his home with him and his wife.  To dispel this rumor, Young Jock was on air via phone with the Frank Ski Morning Show.  Jock stated "me and my wife are good". Jock's general view on the rumor is that people should stop trying to conjure up negative attention for celebrities and focus on the good and true things that they are doing.  

Today, another Atlanta radio show 95.5 The Beat, briefly discussed the fact that Usher's soon to be released album Raymond vs Raymond may be pushed back indefinitely.  Record label informants stated that the release of the album could taint Usher's career in the long run. Usher's career was also addressed during another discussion on V103 this morning with the Frank Ski Morning Show.  One caller stated that Usher has gotten into the habit of singing about  his life and that people do not really want to hear your marital problems for entertainment.  Think of the song 'Papers' where Usher crones about how he is ready to divorce his wife Tameka.

The question important question is this:  Is it okay to scrutinize our marriages in the public eye?  Whether it is the media and paparazzi or the celebrities themselves,  should some topics just be kept private?  While it is important for us to all learn from each other's experiences in an effort to learn more about our selves and the type of relationship / marriage we want to have, it is also important to not offend individuals involved.  For example, despite whatever we, the public, may think about Tameka Raymond, perhaps it is not in Usher's best interest to devote an album to their personal marital issues.  Perhaps it is thoughtless for us to seek entertain out of listening to someone's spouse being disrespected, told off, or humiliated.  Likewise, with the Young Jock situation, consider the humiliation Jock's wife must have felt to have rumors spreading around about her husband blatantly disrespecting her.

Yes, when celebs are in the public eye, their lives are placed under a microscope.  That does not necessarily make it right for their personal relationships to be put on blast.  At the end of the day, they are all regular people just like us.  To an extent, we all like some privacy and discretion where our intimate feelings and personal relationships are involved.  There is no relationship more sacred than a marriage, aside from your relationship with God.


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