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Marriage: sacred and ordained of God

Two hands joined in marriage
Two hands joined in marriage
Taken from Dave Willis' Marriage timeline on facebook

Marriage has been around for a long time; it began with the first man, Adam and the first woman, Eve who were created when the world began. Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God.

From the beginning of time marriage has been seen as a sacred ordinance between a man and woman. It was instituted by God, our Father in heaven as a sacred union of two people of the opposite sex who love each other and who are willing to commit themselves to serving each other and being “help meets” to each other. In other words, two people (one man and one woman) who are to dedicate themselves to each other; to always be there for each other and to support each other in their endeavors to do good during good times and bad.

God has always held marriage in high esteem for it enables man to pro create and make families. However that is not the sole purpose of marriage. The power to create life alone is not enough. There must abide with these couples enough love, patience and endurance to be able to share it with those lives they bring into the world as well as with each other.

Satan’s influence began with Adam and Eve when Eve was beguiled to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and then gave it to Adam who also partook. Man then became fallen and Adam and Ever were removed from the Garden of Eden and placed in the mortal world where they and their posterity would be subject to death, sickness, and all the trials of mortality, including idolatry, lies and murder. From thenceforth they would have to till the earth and live by providing for themselves and the children they would bring into the world.

Although Adam and Eve remained faithful to their covenants with each other and with God, Satan’s influence entered the heart of their son, Cain and he killed his brother, Abel because he was jealous that his brother’s sacrifice to God was accepted and not his. His was not accepted because it wasn’t a sacrifice given in similitude of the Savior’s sacrifice that would be made for all mankind. Anyway, that is another story.

When God instituted marriage, it was with the intention that it would be the foundation for social order and a means of instilling virtue in their posterity. Marriage is meant to be cherished and honored in unity with promises or covenants made with and before God and witnesses that they (a man and a woman) would live up to those covenants. Besides the uniting of a man and woman, marriage is also a way of entering into a partnership with God. After all, it was ordained by Him. It was part of His plan when He created Adam and Eve. Without the ordinance of marriage, what kind of relationship would there be for a man and a woman? Without it what would be the purpose of creating them?

There is nothing in God’s creations that did not or do not have a purpose. We may not always know or understand all of His purposes in His creations but then, it may not be necessary for us to know all things.

We know that even in the days of Christ there existed such corruption as would allow homosexuality along with other unnatural actions to become prevalent. That does not mean it is right or okay now just because it happened before and during Christ’s time.
We also know that today we have liberals who are trying to set homosexuality as the norm for these days. If anyone has ever read the Bible and understood it as it is written, there is no doubt that it is seen as an abomination in the sight of God.

Leviticus 18: 22, (20:13 Romans 1:27 I Timothy 1:10

Any real study of the Bible will show that God does not look kindly upon homosexuality because it does not align with His laws and commandments. Nor does he look upon any sexual deviation as acceptable.

Much of society, these days, seem open to accepting same-sex relationships and marriages as normal. Their reasoning is that we live in a different age and life styles have changed. It’s almost as though homosexuality is a new fad or way of life when it is something that has been around since before Christ came. However, it is man’s perception, not God’s and He does not give His blessing to such unions whether in or out of marriage.

The purpose of this article is not to focus only on homosexuality, but also on the importance of having a relationship with God and Jesus Christ as a foundation for building a strong marriage and family unit.

For a long time now, marriages for some people is all about making the best social impression with the most expensive, the very best of everything when planning the wedding, sending the cost sometimes into the thousands and even millions of dollars. Some couples go into debt just to have a big glamorous wedding and reception. Although these things may be nice, they are not what makes the marriage; it’s the determination each person has to make it a good or even a great marriage. Marriage is an important step and one that needs to be considered carefully. Sometimes two people feel they are madly in love and should marry as soon as possible.

That may work for some people but as a rule, it’s good to get to know your future husband or wife (not by sleeping with them) but by learning about all of their characteristics, good and bad and decide if you are willing to live with all of his or her habits and imperfections because you both have them. Marriage is a serious deal and you want it to last so don’t be in a hurry.

There is such a thing as love at first sight. It happened to me; I knew before I even got to know him, he was right for me. I even remember when I was a young girl writing Mrs.-------- to see how different names would sound and his last name was one I had written. So when we barely knew each other and he asked me to marry him, it seemed natural to say yes. However, I prayed harder than ever to know if I’d made the right decision and the answer I got was that it was right. We were married six months later and had 32 ½ wonderful years together before he passed away five years ago on May 30. We had a beautiful wedding and reception and we paid for it all ourselves. We had only 65 guests but it was everything I wanted it to be.

It worked for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Someone in my family thought it would work for him and he tried it four times. It didn’t work for him. So don’t think because you have fallen head over heels in love, that you’ve found your soul mate. If it’s right and you give it and yourself a chance to find out, you will know.

Of course your wedding day should be as special as possible because it is not just another life event. It is a day when two people (a man and a woman) proclaim their love for one another before God and man. In doing so they promise to one another that they will be true to each other for the rest of their lives and in the Mormon religion, a marriage covenant is for time and all eternity. To be true to each other, they should desire for it to last forever so that their efforts in keeping their covenants will be something they will constantly work to keep in the sight of God.

These promises or covenants should never be made lightly or without much thought beforehand. Why? Because when these covenants are made between the couple, they are also made with God that they will be honored and upheld through all their days and under all circumstances. They are meant to have a lasting influence in their lives. This requires a deep commitment to always be there for one another through sickness, health, good times and bad. It also requires respect on both sides for differences of opinions.

No matter how strong the love ties may be, if it is not accompanied with respect for yourself and your spouse and a spiritual connection with God and Jesus Christ, it opens the door for Satan to enter into the relationship through many subtle portals such as health, finances, wayward children, and many other influences. Satan uses anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, confusion and willfulness, just to name a few of his tools for implementing negative feeling many times followed by even more negative actions.

Are you one who doesn’t believe Satan has such powers? If you’ve ever read from the Bible, you would have to recognize Satan’s hand many times in the lives of people who were once righteous, God-loving people who delighted in obeying the lord’s commandments.

Satan rarely comes out openly with his temptations and evil schemes. He does it subtly so as to not alert the people he is influencing them and leading them away from their promises or covenants. He makes his way look so attractive and beguiling that those with a weak connection to God and Jesus Christ are his prime targets. Unfortunately, he has become very adept and expert at turning the hearts of the people away from the most important parts of their lives.

Just look around and it’s not hard to see his handiwork all around us. It’s on TV, in the media, on the computer, in our government, in our courts, in just about every facet of our lives.

This often results in hurt feelings, broken hearts, broken marriages, and broken families. Marriage between a man and a woman and families are being torn apart piece by piece and we as Americans need to step up and say “enough is enough!” If we want to keep marriage as an ordination or God and have His blessings to help make it strong and lasting, we must fight what the left wing liberals say is the better way. If we allow it to be totally destroyed, we have lost the best part or our lives; having a loving relationship with a spouse who is always there for us no matter what and a family that we love and they love us mutually.

When faith in God and Christ’s atonement is removed from families or if families are created without faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, the family crumbles.

However, when husbands (men) and wives (women) work together, they are able to strengthen their marriage and families and have peace in their homes and when peace seems to be lost, their faith and team efforts can bring peace back into their lives and families.
Marriage is a partnership where neither has dominion over the other, but they strive as equals by encouraging, helping, and comforting each other. In a true marriage, both partners communicate with each other openly, sharing hopes, desires, dreams, needs and lots of love.

When married people take the time to talk and listen to each other, being thoughtful, respectful, tender and affectionate, they strengthen each other, their marriage and their families.

The Lord is pleased when marriage partners are loyal and faithful for He expects them to love each other with all their hearts and remain faithful, always, to each other.

It is also important that couple work together to establish a budget to ease the burden of managing their finances. Money problems are often at the root of family divisions so it is vital for marriage partners to use wisdom in managing their finances and remain free from unnecessary and unaffordable debt to help keep peace in the home.

As stated before, an important ingredient in a successful marriage is the inclusion of faith in God and the gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping covenants. In addition, attending church together, praying and reading scriptures together as a family is a powerful way to keep peace and harmony between each other and other family members.

Just one thing more and then on to another article: when a couple is courting (yes, it’s an old-fashioned word), they tend to do a lot of sweet and unexpected things for each other and flirt now and then with each other. That should never stop once the wedding and reception is over and they start their life together. Those things are not meant just for the time they are dating. Are you happy now? So continue doing them throughout your marriage. Sometimes, it’s those little things that mean the most. Business and activities of any kind should never take preference over your relationship with your spouse or family.

May God bless each of you whether you are married, contemplating marriage, or will one day do so. May you always look at marriage as the sacred ordinance that it is and solemnly pledge to honor your promises or covenants to each other and to God who instituted and ordained marriage between one man and one woman. Anything more or less is not of God.