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Marriage of Christian music and movies

I get so frustrated with Christian organizations and media. Perhaps you've heard some unidentified screaming and failed to recognize it as coming from my computer room. OK, maybe that's a bit of hyperbole, but I certainly feel like screaming loud enough for people in far away places to hear me. Here's the deal: the source of this particular frustration.

Jesus clearly left a mandate for his followers to make disciples of all men. His words have been referred to as the Great Commission. Many faithful servants have sacrificed mightily and even died in the attempt to obey that edict. Those people are usually unsung heroes that the world has considered zeros.

Christians should feel compelled to grow the Kingdom. Intelligent people realize they can't accomplish much playing Lone Rangers. Networking to build alliances is the ticket to success. Unfortunately, it seems many "Christian" outreaches measure success using monetary and social barometers. They are not concerned with the "Big Picture" but merely the existence and growth of their own pet projects and ministry. They seek out any other organization or people who will help them in their attempt. It is time that selfish, self serving motives are burned in the refiner's fire and Christians come together asking not what God can do for them, but what they can do for God in bringing His plans to fruition.

Here's a real world scenario where I'd like to see a dramatic change. We have a Christian music industry which is quite mature at this point, birthed perhaps in the 60's and growing up in the 80's. We have a Christian movie industry which is less mature. Music is a powerful force, as we can see by examining the results of the secular trash that passes for music and its effect on society. Ironically, some politicians want to remove guns from people's homes to prevent violence, but any suggestions that music should perhaps be censored to forbid the encouragement of violence through song lyrics are met with mockery. That's a whole separate topic.

The crux of the matter here is that some Christian movie makers are vying for men's souls (and others are building their own fiefdoms). The biggest pulpit in the world is the movie screen (or TV). Christian music and Christian films need to form an alliance to magnify the impact of each other on our culture. I have produced a couple of Christian films in which I wanted to feature a particular song from a Christian music group. I failed to even get someone to respond to my request to use this music. I have a feeling that if I had successfully contacted someone, they would have required a big dollar contract to allow me to use the music. Jesus is supposed to be number one in people's lives, but the almighty dollar still sits on the throne for too many people. Allowing music to be used in a film does not cost anything and serves as a wonderful platform for advertising. If the two parties can contract to allow the filmmaker to give a percentage of profits to the music provider, both parties have a chance for a big win scenario. A symbiotic relationship in this situation is a very desirable thing.

Is it possible that someone in the Christian music industry will read this and decide it would be a good thing for filmmakers to have easy access to the use of impacting songs to help bring a powerful message to the world concerning the gospel? Just having that idea won't suffice however. Someone has to take the ball and run with it. Someone with vision has to open some doors for Christian filmmakers. Can we somehow unite in the effort to bring the gospel to the world, before the end comes? That type of unity is not attained without some sacrifice and some swallowing of pride. Is anyone committed to building the walls of the Kingdom before he builds the walls around his own garden? Nehemiah, Where Are You?

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