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Marriage Is Not The Solution To Your Insecurities

Many people don't realize that marriage takes work.
Many people don't realize that marriage takes work.

Anyone who is married knows it is not paradise all the time. Yes marriage does give security most of the time and you can spend the rest of your life with someone you love. Some people just think the solution to insecurity is getting married which could not be further from the truth.

It is true that you do feel more secure when you are married opposed to dating. The main reason for this is because it is harder to end a marriage than it is to end just a regular relationship. To end a relationship, it only takes one person to say “We’re over”, after that you two, for the most part, go your separate ways. But to end a marriage it takes time since you need to fill out nearly a hundred papers, you have to then get in contact with a lawyer which all leads to a waiting game.

Many times, a married couple gets in to an argument and call it quits; but they don’t know what to do next so they get back together. Other married couples may only stay married because of the cost for the initial divorce, not to mention the other costs involved with moving, name change, etc. Just because two people are married does not mean they are in love. Sometimes they stay married because of financial stability; sometimes they stay married on account of their kids.

A marriage certificate is not going to stop someone from leaving. If the person is going to leave, they’re going to leave and there is no stopping it. A marriage certificate does however prevent a couple from jumping the gun and ending it right then and there. But just because married couples don’t get a divorce right away, doesn’t mean the relationship is going to last.

The people who have a boyfriend or girlfriend and think, “If we get married then we will stay together forever and there is no risk to breaking up” are 80 percent wrong. A marriage allows a couple to work out their differences because of all the work involved in ending it. But if you weren’t meant to be then not even a piece of paper is going to stop the relationship from ending.