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Marriage: How Long Should You Wait?

My Milk Ain't Free
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Time stops for no one and people changes over time. Don’t believe me? Look at a picture of yourself when you were an infant and if you can honestly say that you look the exact same way, then you might be a LIAR!

In the 1950’s it was a disgrace to have sex, or kids out of wedlock; so instead of getting dirty looks from folks, getting talked about in your neighborhood, or called out in Sunday services; couples usually tied the knot and avoided the stiff penalties of judging mother suckers.


If the word DIVORCE was ever mentioned in a household during those times, then you probably were among those that hid in your own house, avoided many friends, or packed up and hauled ass to a new town all together.

In the 1970’s divorces took a Three-hundred-eighty (380) degree turn. It appeared that many people were unhappy at the words “I Do” mostly because they said them out of lust. “All it takes is for one person to boldly broadcast their dirty laundry in public catching the attention of others that are in the same boat setting off a trend.”

We all know that marriage can end in bitter sweet divorce, but there are quite of few successful marriages. However, do we jeopardize what’s written in the laws protecting us?

Now-a-days Marriage seems to have adapted the slogan “Why pay for the milk when you can get it free?” People in general, mostly men are not making commitments when it comes to marriage. This can sometimes leave the woman with thoughts of “Am I good enough,” or why Jane and John Doe got married when there’s clearly a lot of mistakes going on in their lives.

On the other hand, it seems as if some women are scared for the man to even ask for their hand in marriage because of red flag questions like, will child support take my money if I’m the wife?

Whelp, moving along, I believe every couple falls in one of these categories. If you are a person who stands by marriage and won’t accept shacking up, or having kids out of wedlock, then chances are you’re married. If you live by the slogan “Why pay for the milk when you can get it free?” then chances are, you are NOT married; so which one are you -- and what are you going to do about it?

However, the question remains: How long should it take before your significant other pops the BIG question; “will you marry me?”

Answer: Timing
Advice: Eliminate free milk and make sure everything is on hold until the right timing, including sex!

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