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Marriage for today

Life is different now than it used to be. We live in an age of technology, cell phones, iPads, laptops, computers, digital movies, etc. people are more connected with others than ever before. People used to take a picture with their camera, take the film to the store to get developed into prints and then put the prints in an envelope to send to family and friends. Then maybe a week or so later the family member or friend would get the picture.

Now people take a picture with their camera or phone and post it online to be viewed immediately by family and friends on social media sites, or through email. We don't even have to wait for dial up internet anymore. We are used to having things done quicker and easier. Sometimes even getting frustrated when the technology doesn't work like it should, or is taking too long in our opinion.

Couples are also very busy with everything going on. Between work, religious activities they may be involved in, taking the kids to sport practices or games, family, friends, etc. it may feel like they never have a spare moment. This can be especially true when both partners are working.

Marriage for today means having a marriage that works for today. The type of marriage relationship that worked for your parents or grandparents, is probably not the relationship that will work for you and your spouse.

The reason for this is that you are not your parents. You and you your spouse are different people than your parents and may have different personalities, work schedules, etc. than your parents had. So it may not be reasonable for some things to be expected in your marriage just because that's how your parents did it. You need to discover together what will work best for you as a couple and for your marriage.

For example, it may be easy for one person to do most of the housework if they are home while the other person is working, but what if both individuals are working full time? You may need to divide up the housework more evenly in those cases.

Finding out what works best for you as a couple, and what you can both do best to help each other out and be a "team" will help eliminate stress and help the home to run smoother and happier Try not to have unrealistic expectations of your spouse based on what your parents did, but instead work together to find out what will work best for your marriage.

Also make sure you spend time together. It is easy for couples to get so busy with everything else, that they forget to spend that closeness time together. Try to spend at least a little time everyday in closeness with each other, holding, talking, etc. it is much easier to go through the struggles and ups and downs of life when you have a happy healthy marriage.

Also try to make weekly or at least monthly date nights to spend some extra special time together. Don't have a baby sitter? You can still have a special date night in the home after the kids go to bed or if they are spending time in their room etc. Make that couple closeness time a priority.

As for the technology, use it to your advantage in your relationship. Call or text each other when you get a break in the day, just to say "I love you." or "I'm thinking about you." Maybe even send a picture of yourself to your spouse.

When you have a happy marriage it will also positively effect those around you, including coworkers, family, friends, and your children. Despite the negative things many people have said about marriage, it is possible to have a happy and healthy marriage for today!

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