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Marriage counselors agree on swinging in your relationship

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In spite of the fact that swingers have been around for thousands of years, swinging is still a highly controversial topic these days. However, as many marriage counselors and sex therapists claim, swinging can actually be very healthy in the long-term, both for relationships and for marriages. As a matter of fact, swinging can turn out to be a marriage-saver as it can add extra spice and enhance the relationship bond.

What Do Marriage Counselors Say About Swinging?

The reason why marriage counselors agree upon the fact that swinging can be helpful is simply because it can dramatically reduce the infidelity rate amongst couples – in other words, spouses are less prone to cheating on each other if they choose to openly satisfy their cravings and fantasies together, rather than keeping their fetishes and sexual desires hidden. This certainly improves communication between the two of them, and it also creates a stronger bond, one that will certainly withstand the test of time.

Both men and women cheat, and that is a known fact – however, over the past few years, women have started to cheat more than they used to, in the past. This happens for a very simple reason: just like everybody, women simply love the thrill of interacting with somebody new, they want to try out new things and see what they like and dislike. There have been conducted several surveys on this theme, although it is very difficult to say with 100% accuracy the percentage of women who actually cheat on their husbands or boyfriends, simply because not all of them were honest when answering the questionnaires. However, most of the voters claim that under certain circumstances, swinging can indeed help a relationship.

As many people claim, sexual attraction is part of human nature and it cannot always be overcame even when both spouses are very committed to each other. Swinging can reduce spouse infidelity and divorce rate, and statistically speaking approximately 37% of men and one third of the women who agreed to reply to the questions within the survey claimed that they have had at least one extramarital affair throughout the years. That, coupled with the fact that the divorce rates have increased dramatically over the past decade (more than half of the married couple will eventually get a divorce) reinforces the theory according to which swinging can be healthy for relationships.

A very common misconception these days is that only weak couples who lack communication or who are unstable tend to enter the swinging niche – this is actually false, given the fact that most of the couples who choose this increasingly popular lifestyle are actually in a very secure and sturdy relationship, they are just looking for ways to chase routine away and to lower the health risks associated with individual infidelity. Besides this, many can agree upon the fact that swinging sex can be actually practical, let alone the fact that this can help the couple meet other people with the same mindset and view on life.
There have been conducted tens of studies and scientific researches, especially towards the end of the 1960s, and most of them have revealed the same thing: those who are involved in a swing relationship tend to be happier and more fulfilled. Couples who opt for this lifestyle do not do it because they are looking for a new life partner – they already have a stable partner, and they only do it because they want to try something new and to boost their confidence.

One thing is for sure: most marriage counselors would advice couples who are at a crossroad to try new sexual experiences and to satisfy their fantasies, as a last resort measure for saving their marriage. While it is true that most of them claim that this can pose a threat to their marriage, most of them agree that swinging is healthy and it can help spouses reinforce their trust in each other, and to improve communication at the same time.


The bottom line is that human nature is very complex and sometimes, people have to reach mutually beneficial compromises in order to enjoy a long, fulfilling and blossoming relationship. Besides, these compromises can sometimes turn out to be quite exciting and entertaining, as it happens with swinging

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