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Marriage Communication Tiger Woods Style Part 2

Let's continue talking about Tiger Woods marriage communication style. If you recall he had not come out publicly for three months since the stories surfaced about his marital infidelity. He remained quiet and began taking the necessary steps to convey the message to his wife and family that his marriage is important to him. He did not immediately come out and feed the media's speculation about what was going on for one second and continued to focus on his family and his children.

Admitting that because of his money and fame, felt that he was entitled to enjoy the temptations that came along with that success. He even said he convinced himself that the normal rules did not apply to him. How many celebrities or people in the public eye have felt that very same way, only to end up in the same situation that he is now dealing with. Saying he ran straight through the marriage boundaries thinking he could get away with whatever he thought he could.

There are many lessons to be learned from Tiger Woods marriage communication style this morning. Let's address a few more of them up front:

1) He was very apologetic for his actions and does not shift the blame. Often in marriage when situations arise, husbands and wives tend to shift the blame to the other spouse taking the "heat off of them per se". This does not solve issues; however can cause even bigger problems.

2) He recognizes for whatever reason, he chose to step away from his foundation that was established during his upbringing. Therefore he is returning to relying on his Buddhist traditions. Whatever your faith or beliefs are, a lot of people have some foundation of spirituality that they were taught when they were growing up and when becoming a young adult choose to step away for different reasons. People have to be true to themselves and not become someone they are not based on situations and circumstances.

3) He asked for help from his friends. Asking for help is very hard to do especially depending on what you are asking help for. It is hard in marriage and even if you are single to say, I don't know what I am doing or I have gotten myself into a mess, I need your help. Although, asking for help is one of the first steps that can begin relieving some of the pressure that you must carry the weight of the world on your shoulders without a professional you can talk with that will not take advantage of you - especially if you are a celebrity.

At the end of the day, it is the message that he communicates to his wife and family that will outweigh what he has said publicly. Why? Because they are the ones that he has a life with behind closed doors. He has to rebuild trust and show his wife and family that his behavior has changed. It will not occur overnight; however, he has taken a step by being in therapy.

If you are in the metro Denver area are looking for a marital therapist or counselor,

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Do not let your marital issues become so big that you are at the point of walking out without giving your marriage a fighting change. Contact a counselor today and get the help you deserve.


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