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Marriage Communication Tiger Woods Style

I must say that initially I had not planned on getting up to watch Tiger Woods' Public Statement this morning because let's face it, it does not change anything within my home. Because of the message that would be sent this morning when it comes to marriage, infidelity and family, I decided to tune in like many of you that are reading this article.

We all know that Tiger Woods has been a private person and kept his family from the limelight per se, but based on recent action this has changed drastically. He emphatically says that this is his fault and no one else's. That stories had been made up about Elin that were untrue. That she should be given nothing but praise. He apologized repeatedly for his marital infidelity, cheating and also had some words for the media for intruding upon his family's personal life.

Tiger stated that it will take more than words to convey his apology to his wife. It will be by his behavior. Let's face it, in marriage it is more than words to make a husband or wife feel comfort, trust as well as the desire to move forward once trust has been broken. Trust is a trait that once broken it can be gotten back but it does take time. Tiger realizes this and when this first surfaced, removed himself from the "World of Golf" in order to work on his marriage.

I want to especially note, his statement that there are a lot of questions that the media has about the details affairs, him and Elin, etc. He remains committed to privacy and stated these are issues to be worked out between a husband and wife. He is in therapy and realizes that he needs help, which he said is hard to ask for.

So let me point out a few lessons that can be learned in marriage communication based on what was shared this morning:

1) You will not always have the answer within yourself and it is perfectly okay to ask for help.

2) When choices are made, it is not "JUST ABOUT YOU". In a marriage, all decisions affect everyone in the immediate family and can go even further to extended family.

3) When issues arise that can be overwhelming, the husband and wife do need to talk with each other and not allow outside opinions to influence their decisions. At the end of the day, the two of them are truly the only ones that know what happened.

These are only a few of the lessons that I am pointing out. If you are in the metro Denver area, and are looking for a marital therapist to help you with some questions or issues that you have, below are some therapist that are willing to work with you:

1) Karen Holland, Reinventing Relationships

2) Greg R. Thiel, Certified Family Life Educator, 

3) Dr. Taffy Wagner, CEPF, Money Talk Matters, LLC - for those with financial issues that are stressing the marriage

Stay tuned and come back for Part 2. This discussion on Marriage Communication Tiger Woods style is far from over.


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