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Marriage Boot Camp tackles sex issues with puppets

Shaun and Sofia using puppets during Marriage Boot Camp role playing
Shaun and Sofia using puppets during Marriage Boot Camp role playing
WEtv, used with permission

Fans of WEtv's Marriage Boot Camp may have been screaming TMI after the most recent episode "Sex is the Glue".

Not familiar with the show yet? It's the post-"Bridezillas" reality TV show, that uses nationally known marriage counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll to help save the marriages that resulted from that original show. You're not surprised that couples who began as a bridezilla and hubby need help early on in the married life, are you? While a few of the couples seem ready to do the work necessary to smooth things out, not everyone is willing to to make that effort on Marriage Boot Camp.

During "Sex is the Glue", the couples who have engaged in all kinds of role playing exercises that included pulling the plug on their sick spouse and deciding whether or not to fire at the spouse while he or she is blindfolded, get down to business on their sex lives. Believe it or not, some of the participants got squeamish and shy, proving that it's easier to act out in anger than love.

Perhaps you've seen child psychologists who use puppets to help a victim of child abuse describe what happened to them. Jim and Elizabeth took hand puppets of inanimate objects with pretty faces painted on them and handed them to each couple. They asked that they be used to tell their partner what it is he or she needs from the other during love making.

Shake your head if you wish but it quickly opened up the dialogue and it was all played out in front of the other couples as well as WEtv's cameras. Here are some of the puppet characters and the dialogue that resulted from the role playing.

Mr. Pickle meets up with Ms. Taco as Jeff and Tasha bare their souls and take everyone behind the bedroom door with this scintillating exchange, while the counselors stand by to keep it all on the highest plain they can.

Tasha/Taco: "Maybe some candles, a nice back rub...that's romance."

Jeff/Pickle: "Sometimes Mr. Pickle doesn't get that oral attention that he needs."

Tasha/Taco: "Just the thought of putting that pickle in my mouth just seems a little dirty."

Jeff/Pickle: " Oh no, the pickle is clean."

As Tomas, hubby to Mai-Lee said. "That pickle is a sexual predator," but of course he was only half kidding. Believe it or not, Tasha and Jeff who have had what she calls a pretty non-existent sex life prior to moving into the mansion where they film Marriage Boot Camp, have been much more active. It takes all kinds.

Tune into the next installment of Marriage Boot Camp on WEtv, airing Fridays starting at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image credit: WEtv used with permission.

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