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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Jwoww and Roger's Big Issue

Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews on the red carpet, April 2014
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars turned its attention to Jenni "JWoww" Farley and fiance' Roger Mathews' core issue in the latest episode, "Daters and Traitors" and it might not be what you think it could be.

Roger says he agreed to do the show with JWoww, thinking there would be a benefit, to help them work through the sticking point problems in their relationship.

"I come second", Roger complained to Marriage Boot Camp counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. What's at the top of the list for our JWoww? Her career. There's always two sides to any argument and one could point out that Roger should be happy to bank the money he gets from these TV escapades. He would disagree.

According to him, if Jenni didn't want to allow TV cameras in their lives around the clock, he'd be just as happy without the income it provides. With that attitude, you can begin to understand Roger's anger when he made the sacrifice for her career and Jenni, in Roger's opinion, didn't make the effort to be open and honest.

Jenni didn't measure up to his expectations during truth-telling exercises and over JWoww's request not to "go there", told Jim and Elizabeth that Jenni admitted taking a paycheck and phoning it in during a previous reality show appearance. He's fed up and cannot seem to get her to drop her reserve.

For those who are fans of JWoww from her days on "Jersey Shore" and "Snooki & JWoww" it might be difficult to believe, since Farley seemed to care less what she said and did on camera. For some reason, she's gotten prickly about having scenes taken out of context for tabloid purposes.

Her worst nightmare came to pass on the show, when at the height of Roger and Jenni's arguments, she discovered that there had been a leak. A story about her taken directly from what had been filmed on Marriage Boot Camp was online and she accused someone of undermining her. We'll have to wait for next week's episode to find out who did the dastardly deed.

The other big story in "Daters and Traitors" was Gretchen Rossi's behavior towards fellow boot camper Kevin, hubby of Traci Braxton. The couples were split up for an evening and assigned date partners. Gretchen couldn't participate in what was planned for her and Kevin because she had to show up at a pre-planned charity event.

When she and Kevin approached the site, she was alerted to paparazzi at the scene. She asked that Kevin be taken somewhere to wait for her, out of fear that she'd have to explain what they heck she was doing with someone other than Slade, who was having dances lessons with JWoww on their date.

Gretchen's decision has taken a lot of criticism, accusing her of slighting Kevin and treating him poorly. Watch video of the event and see what you think. Rossi claims that it was the decision of the producers because no one was to know about filming of the show at that time. What do you think?

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