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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Finale: Tanisha shamed, JWoww finally gets it

Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews on the red carpet, April 2014
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Last night's finale of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars on WEtv ended weeks of watching couples used to having scenes of their lives edited by production companies. It's what made the season better watching than the Boot Camp season prior with Bridezilla couples.

The Bridezillas and their hubbies were more violent, as furniture in the boot camp home got trashed on a semi-regular basis. We also had a nasty drunk character in Shaun who needed to and got tamed, but you never got the feeling that you were peeking through someone's blinds into their private abode.

In the case of the reality stars, the stay at the boot camp was like going on vacation with them, except the cameras came along. Each of the couples has a show they are attached to and when those seasons finish, we only catch glimpses of them via paparazzi and social media postings. The stars control those, but in Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, we got much more.

The finale of the season gave us three big scenes to chew on and they made for a great meal. Lie detector tests, singles' night out and finally the recommitment ceremonies.

Only two cases of deception were found among the polygraph results out of 10 participants, and not surprisingly they were from Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Tanisha Thomas. It was those two couples who produced the biggest surprises in the concluding scenes.

Tanisha's lie detector test result was made to look like it was the last straw for husband Clive. Tanisha who had roared about lies of her infidelity being spread by Clive got humbled. In the video clip of Tanisha strapped into the polygraph apparatus she knows Clive has her dead to rights. Clive isn't happy so much as relieved that her rages over him lying about her cheating were over for good.

But, it put Clive into a funk, knowing he had no excuse left to stay with her, while still loving her. At the recommitment ceremony he did not offer her a ring. While Tanisha did the same to him, it was Clive manning-up that took all by surprise, including Tanisha who finally got the message that her act was over.

For JWoww, her deception was just another brick in the wall built between her and fiance' Roger Mathews. It was not about anything material to their lives, but confirmed what Roger knew about Jenni never coming completely clean. His biggest beef has always been that he comes second to Jenni's career, which requires that she live most of it on camera, dragging him along in the process.

As it came time for the recommitment ceremony last night, the light bulb went off over Farley's head. Roger's been pleading to have their wedding off-camera as well as keeping JWoww's pregnancy a family affair. Why not agree not to do the recommitment ceremony as a gift to him, demonstrating she learned something at boot camp.

While it all worked out well and Roger's gratitude and love were expressed in bunches, he initially thought Jenni was just bailing again on a part of the show she didn't like. It was anything but that and Jenni Farley conceded something to the man she says she loves.

What did you think of the finale? Did it live up to your expectations?

Image credit: WEtv, used with permission.

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