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Marriage Boot Camp: Lie detector test results blow up relationships

Tomas answers Mai-Lee's questions while strapped to a polygraph machine on Marriage Boot Camp
Tomas answers Mai-Lee's questions while strapped to a polygraph machine on Marriage Boot Camp
WEtv, used with permission

Marriage Boot Camp gave a bad name to lie detector tests in last night's episode, because despite the results it was another chance for spouses to call each other liars. Marriage counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll required each person to take a polygraph test, but the technician wasn't asking the questions.

The spouses were encouraged to ask their mates about the burning issues in their marriage, which had to elicit a yes or no answer. Sometimes one-word answers don't tell the whole story. In a video clip of the episode, you can watch the mess this created.

Cheating has been the burning question before on Marriage Boot Camp, but not for all couples. Last night however, some mates decided to take the opportunity to get the truth. It cuts both ways as Sofia pointed out. "I don't know if I want to find out," she admitted when considering what to ask hubby Shaun.

Take for example Tasha and Jeff. The couple already filed divorce papers prior to participating in this season's Marriage Boot Camp, making this the last rodeo for them, allegedly. When asked by Tasha, "Have you ever cheated on me?" Jeff said no. But the technician inserted himself into the process, saying ,"Can we ask if he's ever been unfaithful in this relationship?" Jeff suddenly said yes to the question, sending Tasha into a rage.

What was the difference between being unfaithful or having cheated on Tasha? Jeff confessed the following: "You always said that 'if you watch dirty movies then...' "so that was in the back of my mind."

When it was time for Shaun to be asked the questions, Sofia asked two quick ones and got answers she wanted, but Jim Carroll needed to stir it up. He asked Shaun "Have you been in contact with your ex-girlfriend since you've been with Sofia?" Shaun said no. Yet when the results were read, it revealed deception, the term the Carrolls used to note that an answer could not have been truthful, if measured by the machine.

Sofia's biggest fear this season on Marriage Boot Camp, is about Shaun's ex-girlfriend. She couldn't believe him and he spent the rest of the show trying to convince her.

Blanca and Julian were both in hot water with each other. Julian admitted that when he spends two hours in the bathroom it is on purpose, to get away from his wife. While denying he ever cheated, once again Jim Carroll butted in. "Do you still think about being with other women?" The answer was yes. Now it was World War III. Blanca gave all the right answers during her test but was informed later that her results revealed deception.

Julian used it to go on a tear, both in the house and outside when the guys and gals were given the night off to go out separately. The girls went dancing and drinking and they guys stuck to drinking. Julian consumed massive amounts of alcohol, Shaun broke his no-booze pledge and did a little shirtless dance for some women at the bar.

The point of the exercise was to get the couples to determine if they would recommit to each other in a ring ceremony the next day. Wedding rings were taken off after the lie detector tests and the question became: Would you do it again if you could?

Answers to that question are left for the season finale airing next Friday May 9 at 9:00 p.m. on WEtv.

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