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'Marriage Boot Camp' finale spoilers: How many couples don't make it?

Ryan and Trista Sutter
Ryan and Trista Sutter
Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Tonight it is time for the series finale of "Marriage Boot Camp" and now spoilers are out for this big finale. On Friday, Heavy shared spoilers about the big finale of the show. At the end, the couples will have to make a decision of if they want to stay together or not. New spoilers say that two of the couples will not have their rings in the box at the ceremony.

Tanisha will admit to cheating on Clive during the lie detector test. That is not going to go over well at all with him of course. Gretchen and Slade will say a few things that sound good. He admits he doesn't mind the idea of being at stay-at-home dad, but he also said that he is looking into business ventures that aren't just ones Gretchen does already.

Wet Paint shared an interview with Gretchen just a few weeks ago. This interview has her talking about their upcoming wedding. It looks like Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi are going to make it and are planning their wedding. They have actually been looking at venues and she is even hoping this is the year they will have a baby. It is easy to assume they are a couple that makes it through the show.

Everyone assumes that Ryan and Trista Sutter make it through and her Twitter shows that they do. She shared a picture of the entire family where they are hanging out in St. Louis for a wedding. This couple will leave together tonight at the end of the show. Also JWOWW and Roger just had their baby and shared a picture of her so they are probably still going strong.

Don't miss "Marriage Boot Camp" on Friday night on WE. This finale will show which two couples don't bring their rings to the ceremony and hopefully they will give updates as well. Fans have loved watching these couples work on their marriage.