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Marriage Boot Camp finale: Gloria pulls knife then shocks Mark

Tomas calms Shaun on Marriage Boot Camp finale
Tomas calms Shaun on Marriage Boot Camp finale
WEtv, used with permission

This weekend's season finale of Marriage Boot Camp went from a melee to ring ceremonies and only one couple chose to not exchange rings. Shaun and Julian took their boys' night out to the extreme and consumed enough alcohol to fuel a drunken brawl back at the Marriage Boot Camp house.

The ladies had returned earlier from their own night and may not have been prepared for what they got when the couples reunited. Shaun, who had been sober for at least half the previous episodes ended up having his shirt ripped off, which was pretty typical in the early part of the marriage counseling reality show on WEtv.

Julian was the one who had the most anger and it all related to wife Blanca's bad result after being asked if she had cheated on her hubby. The lie detector test indicated "deception" and that about killed Julian. You can see it in his face in a video of the episode. He'd been suffering with Blanca's refusal to forgive him for pre-marital hanky-panky and this was the final straw.

Sofia raged at Shaun for falling off the wagon, Julian turned over a table and broke other furnishings as he went at Blanca for her deception, but it was Gloria who took it all to another level. She and Shaun started jawing at each other. He had to be restrained as he screamed that she should stay out of his business with Sofia.

Gloria calmly went to the kitchen and picked up a large carving knife and returned to the scene. There were horrified looks from all who realized that this stuff was about to get SERIOUS. The video of the brawl and the knife coming out is just sick. The fallout was a broken foot for Sofia, a cut on the face for Julian, rage from Blanca and in the morning a desperately sorry and remorseful Shaun.

The couples mulled over whether they wanted to remain together and put a ring back on their spouse's finger or present divorce papers.

Mark thought he had shown enough to Gloria for her to accept him --- unfortunately he was dead wrong. It was as humiliating as could be. He spoke first at the altar and it ended with a ring in the box. Gloria actually admitted she had issues that contributed to the marital problems wasn't enough for her yet. She opened her box to show Mark the divorce papers. He promptly stormed out after packing his bags with Gloria in tow.

Shaun did enough to convince Sofia that he would work on sobriety, since he had seen how well they got along when he didn't get smashed. Sofia accepted that, but warned that if he slipped, she would be unable to stay with him.

Tasha and Jeff were in the best place of all and both offered rings to each other. Jeff was able to touch his emotions and express them. He promised to work on taking more responsibility for his family. Tasha pledged to do less griping.

Mai-Lee still struggled with fears of Tomas leaving her but was able to voice it, then say out loud that she knew he had given her no reason to think he would. Tomas was all love and promised to pay more attention to his wife's needs.

Next up is a Marriage Boot Camp reunion show for the couples to bring us up to date. Then a celebrity couples fest on Marriage Boot Camp begins. The fun never stops, right?

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