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'Marriage Boot Camp' drama: Producers are making Shaun look gay

Sofia and Shaun want to clear the air about the way they are portrayed on the WE reality series.
Sofia and Shaun want to clear the air about the way they are portrayed on the WE reality series.
Courtesy of Domenick Nati, used with permission

"Marriage Boot Camp" stars Sofia and Shaun Sulligan are upset over a recent promo for the reality series that makes Shaun look gay. The couple insist that he is certainly not but the show is being edited to cast doubt that Sofia and Shaun are intimate. Examiner received a statement on Tuesday from the WE reality stars' public relations explaining why the couple don't have sex while filming and it's not what you think.

Sofia and Shaun made their reality TV debut on "Bridezillas" so the next logical step was to join the cast of "Marriage Boot Camp." While living in the house with the other cast mates, every move is caught on video except the bathroom. Sofia and Shaun have refrained from having sex on camera so far this season.

The Sulligans insist that they are having sex, just not where it can be aired to the world. Rather than letting cameras roll while they get busy between the sheets, the couple have taken their steamy scenes to the bathroom so they can share their passion with each other and no one else.

Producers of the show are capitalizing on earlier news that they leaked to the press about Shaun's past sex tape that was shot specifically for a male audience. While Shaun says he regrets making the videos and would never make them again, they continue to haunt him and cause havoc on his marriage.

Sofia and Shaun are clearing the air after viewing this Friday's Marriage Boot Camp promo video. The filming was twenty one days in total in which the newlywed couple undoubtedly had sex. Their sex life is understandably something they wanted to keep private so they chose to only have sex in the bathroom where there were no cameras. What we are seeing this promo video is Sofia asking if Shaun wanted to have sex in the bed and Shaun refusing which "in reality" ended with the couple going into the bathroom. Sofia and Shaun find these editing tactics unfortunate and feel the viewers deserve to hear the truth. ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

In reality television, often those who participate in the cast have no idea what the actual episodes will contain until they watch along with everyone else. In this case, Sofia and Shaun Sulligan have been very upset over the way they are portrayed. They believe that producers at WE are capitalizing on Shaun's past and using it to drive up ratings rather than to help the couple as the show is intended.

It is understandable that ratings drive the shows but it is fair to portray this couple in such a dishonest way? Sofia and Shaun are upset with the way their relationship has been shown to the world and they want people to know that what they are watching on "Marriage Boot Camp" isn't necessarily their reality.

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